Basic Channel - Q Loop

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The ‘Q Loop’ 12” was a very late addition to Basic Channel’s sacred vinyl catalogue in 2014, some 20 years since the seminal series had appeared to cease. To the relief of many BC and dub techno fiends, the 12” finally presented a full 14 minute version of the title tune ‘Q Loop’, which was previously only found in a truncated 5 min form on 1995’s ‘BCD’ release, and backed with two other formerly CD exclusives; the sublime, scudding chords of ‘Q1.2’, and iridescent greyscale ambient thizz of ‘Mutism’ - arguably one of the most beautiful, enigmatic, abstract dub works of all time. 

All three cuts of ‘Q Loop’ were surely adored by anyone who owned the ‘BCD’ compilation, or loved the way Scion manipulated them into the unparalleled mix ‘Arrange & Process Basic Channel Tracks’, and, like many others, we can recall getting a right chuff-on when they landed. Now just shy of 30 years since their creation, all three parts are still untouchable works of genius; planting a flag in the space between kosmiche, Detroit techno, and dub, proper, that’s never been snatched, no matter how many producers attempt to.

100% essential - some of the greatest techno, dub and ambient experiments ever made.