Crack & Shine International

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In 2009 we were brought the first instalment of Crack & Shine focusing on some of London’s most prolific graffiti writers, now the International version is available.

Through the lens of Will Robson-Scott we get a glimpse of some of the worlds most notorious writers featuring interviews, unseen photographs, and original artwork from the likes of Roid, Horfee, Retna, Espo, Katsu, Tomek, and Andre to name a few.With over 200 pages of exclusive material it is said to be an honest portrayal into one of the worlds biggest subcultures.


- Forewords by Freddie Forsyth & Ben Eine
- Photography by Will Robson-Scott, with additional photography by Stephen K. Schuster
- Featuring original artwork by Retna, André, Roids, Horfee
- Real Street Art Maps by Pref