Welcome To Life In DIYsolation With Jack Charlie Mitchell

Learn how to print your own custom tee in six steps below!!!

1. Get your shit together, tee, paint, tape, knife and a nice graphic to steal.

2. Cut out your graphic with an X-Acto knife, tape two bits of paper together to make it A3.

3. Cut some card to fit inside the T-shirt so that it is stretched, this will make the painting easy.

4. Tape the stencil onto the T-shirt, don’t get any creases in it or the graphic will come out crap.

5. Spray the paint over the stencil, not too close or you’ll fuck it up. Do a couple of coats until it’s solid.

6. Leave it to dry for ten minutes, then peel off the stencil, hey presto you got a T-shirt. Don’t wash ever!