Weekend Watching: Vol.2

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Interview by Jamie Moses

In this week's edition we talk with Harry Turner on his recent video project, 'Sweet One' discussing his upbringing and the process behind his full length scene edit.

 So first of all...

How have you found the last year? What have you been up to?

I finished uni around this time last year. I started working again at a Coffee shop doing the Barista thing. Worked on a couple music video projects in between while trying to keep filming for the skate video.

So are you a Londoner originally or from elsewhere? How long had you been filming your video for?

I was born in London.
My mum is Australian and my Dad is British. When they split mum took me back with her to Australia and I grew up there. Maybe a year of two after finishing high school I decided I’d move to London to stay with my Dad. I’d been living in London for the past 6/7 years and now I’m back home with Mum and rest of my family here in Australia.

The video was mostly filmed in this last year, over the summer and months through autumn and into winter. It had been a while since I put out a skate video. I was suppose to make a full length southbankatm video with Nelly but tragically 3 years of footage went to waste on a failed hardrive.

Did you begin filming/skating abroad or was that something you grew into through living in London?

Yeah I was skating from about 14/15
before that I played a lot of football and just rode bikes with mates. I first got a camera after finishing high school. My best friend and I planned to go live down in the snowy mountains in Australia and spend the winter season snowboarding. So I bought a canon 500d second hand of a mate. Got a fisheye and a handle for it and started filming things. We would take turns filming each-other, lapping the spots on the mountains with jumps and rails and then get back to our spot in a caravan park and watch all the footage at night.
When I moved to London I was staying with my Dad in Essex taking the train into London each day to go skating. I had nothing to do cause nowhere would give me a job cause they thought I had to have a working visa but I was just waiting for a new British passport.

You had a pretty broad range of skaters but centred the video with Southbank, what is your connection to Southbank?

Southbank was probably the only skate spot I knew apart from Cantelowes. And obviously I chose to go skate southbank everyday. That’s where I met everyone.

When you realised you were making a video did you tend to link everyone at SB then find spots or did you end up planning missions to certain spots?

I really don’t plan anything other than making sure we all get out when the weather is good, even then it’s hard to get people together before 2pm.
It’s really not worth pushing people and sweating them,
we’re just mates and we’re trying to enjoy the day out skateboarding.
I think we got to film more in the street when the restrictions were in place and Southbank was shut. It definitely helped mix up the scenery for the video.

Have you got anything else in the pipeline for the future?

No not really maybe when I come back to London I’ll start working on another video, but for now I’m just chillen.


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