UK Frontline

Blueprint Magazine Issue 1


Frontline Magazine present Blue Print sketch magzaine issue 1  


Sketches by:


2Kold, 2Pae, 2Rise, 4ce, 45RPM, Aker, Akit, Akt one, Aleks, Atoms, Band, Bean17, Blaze, Booda, BRK, Cave, Ceres, Chrome, Cike, Close, Coar, Core, Choke, Corps, Count, Crept, Crime, Crok, Cyda, Defo, Dems, Dent, Ders, Dice, Diet, Dime, Dkae, Drax, Dukes, Dvise, Esbr, Faum 72, Fres, Fume, Gary, Gasp, Grand, Hope, Ikons, Inkie, Inuk, Jobs, Keen, Kilo, Kink, Krek, Kufs, Lone, Luck, Mear, Mefa, Merc, Merok, Met, Mimi, Mone, Mood, Morn, Name, Neboe, Noer, Nore, Odear, Oie, Opake, Onek, Orgl, Oust, Owch, Owed, Panik, Petro, Pickles, Pies, Pine, Plob, Quir, Rainman, Real, Reas, Regret, Relay, Roids, Roser, Salem, Sample, Ser, Shine, Shucks, Sick, Siege, Sikes, Sime, Skore, Slam, Spyar, Stoke, Take, Teas, Tizer, Tors, Touch, Vents 137 , Vibes, Wish, Zaki D, Zemoe, Zomby.

UK 34 36 38 40 42
EU 44 46 48 50 52
JAPAN 1 2 3 4
WAIST SIZE " 28 30 32 34 36

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